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Digital Assets

Liquidity’s Digital Assets are backed by valuable collateral. Although the term “digital assets” can be applied to anything of value or utility stored in digital format, such as documents, graphics or music, the assets addressed by Liquidity are digital currencies backed by bond dividends that are guaranteed by the bond Issuer, which we have named “LNXB.” The purpose of this unprecedented product is to streamline the issuance and exchange of liquid assets backed by tangible collateral such as bond dividends.  


In addition to the LNXB Coin, Liquidity has created a stablecoin backed by a Reserve in EURO Dollars, and other cash equivalent assets called Liquidity Network Dollar (“LNXD”).

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(LNXB) Bond Dividend Distribution Token

The Liquidity bond dividend token (LNXB) is a hybrid use token which represents the right of the token holder to earn a distribution that is derived from the underlying bond that is held in custody by Liquidity. Liquidity then pays the token holder an annual distribution from the bond Issuer's coupon payment until the maturity of the bond. 


Liquidity is a digital asset originator, token issuer, network exchange, and uses its Proprietary Blockchain. Users of Liquidity Platform pay in a subscription-based model to access the protocol resources (digital asset investments, cold storage, and crypto asset management) for a predetermined amount of time in the form of an Sidechain Contract.  

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Liquidity Network Dollar (LNXD) Stablecoin

Liquidity has created a stable coin backed by a Reserve in Euro Dollars, and other cash equivalent assets called Liquidity Network Dollar (“LNXD”). While the market price of LNXD Coin may appreciate over time, LNX Dollar's USD fixed value offers a safe and stable haven for both traders and investors. LNXB and LNXD will be exchangeable via Liquidity Pay app and also through the relevant trading markets in the Liquidity Exchange. The LNXD token is a digital asset, like a cryptocurrency, which carries value pegged directly to the EURO Dollar and can be traded, transferred or stored.

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Liquidity Network Gold-backed (LNXG) Coin

The purpose of this unprecedented token called Liquidity LNXG (Gold), is to streamline the issuance and exchange of liquid assets backed by tangible collateral such as fine gold that is held in custody by Liquidity Exchange forever. The first of Liquidity’s native digital currency is backed by gold reserves along with corresponding gold deposit certificates placed immutably on the blockchain (the “LNX/G Coin”).

Liquidity LNXG Coin (LNXG) is, above all, a cryptocurrency constructed with the aim of providing a strong coin with intrinsic value from the gold reserves backing it, versatile trading solution based on low-cost fees, liquid and secure exchange platform on a proprietary blockchain. This token is an alternative store of value that will increase due to the gold collateral reserves securitizing the coin. 

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Liquidity NFT

Liquidity buys individual non-fungible assets (i.e.- artwork, rare coins, and other tangible property) using its own sources of capital, often through NFT pre-coin sales for works sold by major auction houses or through private gallery or collector transactions. Once an offer for an artwork is accepted, a Delaware limited liability company is formed for the specific purpose of conducting an offering through the Liquidity Platform, acquiring, maintaining and eventually selling digital assets securitized by the artwork, etc. as the collateral on Liquidity Exchange. 

Liquidity Ecosystem

Liquidity’s Ecosystem has several types of proprietary ledgers: asset ledgers, NFT ledgers, identity ledgers, and platform data feed ledgers. The platform can be used as an intermediary with real world data and also has a decentralized exchange called the Liquidity Network Exchange where collateral-backed digital assets can be traded, staked, and participate in debt pools. 

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