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Liquidity Exchange

Central to Liquidity Ecosystem is Liquidity Exchange or Liquidity Exchange, where assets such as LNXB, and LNXG Coins, LNXD Dollars and Credits used to buy Coins are traded. By design, Liquidity operates within a custom infrastructure developed to provide advanced payment processing and trading solutions.  


Liquidity Exchange have achieved a platform which enables seamless trading and transacting, crypto products, and Liquidity's native digital assets & NFT's.  For optimal convenience, Members will be able to access Liquidity Exchange through either the website or the dedicated mobile Liquidity Exchange App.

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Liquidity Exchange
Features for Members & Merchants

Liquidity Exchange - FOR MEMBERS

  • Convert - Exchange fiat into LNX Dollar credits at a rate of 1:1.

  • Transact - Store, send, and receive LNXB, LNXG and LNXD and other cryptocurrencies across our ecosystem P2P.

  • Spend – Buy, spend, and trade LNXB and LNXG Coin and in near future use LNXD to access international Merchants and Partners in the Ecosystem.

  • Send - Transfer Coins to other Liquidity Exchange Members in seconds, at the most competitive speeds in the industry.

  • Liquidity Exchange offers the benefits of instant processing, secure network encryption and very low fees. 

Liquidity Exchange - FOR MERCHANTS

Accept LNXB, and LNXG Coins, LNXD Dollar and crypto payments. Join the many merchants that offer their customers an innovative payment option. Receive LNX Coin for your products or services instantly. Set up your payments infrastructure, track transactions and manage your crypto earnings all from the LNX Merchant System. Gain access to a global, versatile and fully integrated payment platform that supports LNXG Gold Coin.


  • Speed - Receive instant payments.

  •  Ease - Simple, user-friendly experience.

  • Seamless - Integrated into your business.

  •  Low fees - Minimal transaction fees mean you earn more. Liquidity's fee is a fraction of what you're paying now.

  • Expansive - Unlock boundless potential customers and commerce, even in the Metaverse.

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Peer-to-Peer Payments and Merchant Processing in Metaverse


Liquidity Exchange has developed a solution for Facebook’s Metaverse. Metaverse will be the evolution of the internet as we know it. With the rebranding of Facebook (now Meta) the Metaverse has been pushed front and center with organizations considering how they should tackle this global phenomenon. Part of this consideration for many is commerce, how will digital goods and services be paid for in the Metaverse? 


The ultimate vision of the Metaverse is that it will provide an augmented reality experience that could surpass the physical reality we live in. The promise of a new reality is an exciting prospect for many giving companies new opportunities. Yet, from the many opportunities arises one big question: how will individuals and businesses accept and distribute money and information in a secure way in the Metaverse? Naturally, in the virtual world there needs to be applications and virtual systems that perform our transactions, because physical cash won’t be applicable. 


That’s where we see Liquidity Exchange’s proprietary blockchain ecosystem and LNX cryptocurrency-based technologies coming in. Our LNX Blockchain technology is proven to have the security to be able to power peer to peer payments (P2P) and scale into all mediums of digital payments. It not only enables instant confirmation of payment and information but also provides a high level of security and can be adopted by the mainstream quickly at scale. 


Liquidity’s answer to Metaverse payments is currently in development called MetaLNX, our instant blockchain and crypto payments means instant processing and settlement of digital assets like NFTs, cryptocurrency and other future discovered digital assets. These assets could be traded, sold, and marketed through the Metaverse marketplace tied to any blockchain based payment wallet or equivalent, meaning a secure, instant, scalable way of accepting a payment for commerce.


This is where the Liquidity’s Decentralized Finance Ecosystem will solve the need for true frictionless merchant transactions and instant person-to-person payments in Metaverse.

Solutions for Commerce within Virtual Reality

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