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For the Initial Issuance, Liquidity Decentralized Finance will issue a certain amount that is available for subscription via this Request Invitation online form. The initial offering of Liquidity Digital Assets are being conducted on a private placement basis, by invitation only, and will not be available to all members of the public. Only pre-notified persons ("Private Placement Participants") may participate in the initial sale of LNXC Credits that are used to purchase the Liquidity LNX/G Gold Coin. 


Shaping the future of digital currency for every person around the world.

We believe that the first step to empowering individuals is through opening up the economy. Liquidity Coins are a revolutionary asset class focusing on intrinsic value, keeping transaction costs low and efficiency high, with features operating within a multifaceted infrastructure.

Evolve and grow your digital assets. We believe that investing in digital assets should be simple and intuitive. We designed our ecosystem to eliminate the complexities of crypto adoption with a seamless platform. 

Thanks for submitting!

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