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DeFi Ecosystem

Liquidity has created the pathway to a new category of digital assets, truly digital securities enabled by blockchain that have real intrinsic value. 


The Liquidity team brings together a deep knowledge of blockchain and securities space, world class advisory partners, and the technology to launch collateral-backed digital assets to be the next alternative store of value.

By leveraging our ecosystem of decentralized and regulated partners, we enable investment into compliant, innovative, transparent and collateral-backed Liquidity tokens for global institutional investors. Read the Litepaper here.

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What is Liquidity 

Liquidity DeFi is an ecosystem that combines a variety of blockchains and functionalities in one comprehensive Blockchain-As-A-Service platform (BaaS). Liquidity Team has built a smart contracts platform, similar to Ethereum, that will also enable users to register their digital identities across multiple digital and virtual realities and integrate real-world data as well as instant payments. Solutions for peer-to-peer payments, merchant payment processing, and Metaverse pay portal are all a part of the ecosystem. 


Liquidity’s Ecosystem has several types of proprietary ledgers: asset ledgers, NFT ledgers, identity ledgers, and platform data feed ledgers. The platform can be used as an intermediary with real world data and also has a DeFi exchange called the Liquidity Network Exchange where collateral-backed digital assets can be traded, staked, and participate in debt pools. 


Liquidity is powered by the Liquidity token that is collateralized physically by various precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Liquidity also has stable dollar with fiat reserves called the Liquidity Network Dollar that equals USD $1.00. Non-fungible assets such as rare artwork, and real estate are securitized and tokenized on the Liquidity Exchange as NFT’s digital assets. 


Our platform is designed to be intuitive, with an interface that enables easy buying/selling crypto and Liquidity’s digital assets or NFT’s.


Liquidity uses  the highest level of security, making it the safest trading platform on the market without sacrificing speed.


Things change instantly and constantly. So, we're speeding things up a bit. Trade at lightspeed speed with low fees in the Liquidity Exchange.


Buy Liquidity's Coin using fiat, crypto or the Liquidity Dollar to access a world of Merchants and Partners in the Ecosystem as a future benefit.

Introducing the Liquidity Coin, backed by gold reserves

Liquidity DeFi, is pleased to introduce Liquidity, the world's first true digital asset ecosystem with a native platform currency backed by verifiable gold deposits. 


We set our mission to create a new digital financial system, consisting of a group of components in the self-contained Liquidity® Ecosystem:

  • Liquidity Exchange, easily accessed through Liquidity Exchange App

  • Liquidity (LNXG) Gold, and (LNXB) Bond Coins 

  • Liquidity Credits

  • Liquidity Dollar (LNXD)

  • Liquidity Pay, accessed through Liquidity Pay App

  • Proprietary Liquidity Blockchain

  • Member utilities, such as Liquidity Wallet, Liquidity Storage, and Liquidity Payment App.

  • MetaLNX is Liquidity's solution to virtual reality


These assets are accessible to Members of Liquidity Exchange.  A Member is simply a person or entity who registers and creates an account with Liquidity Exchange.This website will summarize Liquidity’s family of assets and describe how Members participate in this unprecedented new digital asset financial ecosystem.

Top 100 DeFi Coins by Market Capitalization


DeFi Market Cap

(Start of Q1 2022)


2/1/2022 24H Trading Volume


Defi Dominance (vs. Off-Chain Global)


DeFi:ETH Ratio

of Dominance


Total Value Locked (TVL)

Why was Liquidity DeFi
Ecosystem created?

Liquidity DeFi was founded by a group of diverse thinkers and experienced leaders, dedicated to establishing a new inclusive future by revolutionizing the financial technology industry in a true multi-blockchain ecosystem. 


Liquidity Exchange started as a dream for an open and equal economy and is evolving into the digital currency ecosystem of the future. Imagine bringing all off-chain financial tools used by capital markets in the fiat system on-chain.


We're creating a more accessible, low cost and connected network of cryptocurrencies with our Liquidity digital assets and application of blockchain ecosystem technology.


We envision a securitized digital asset ecosystem that is an open and interoperable platform designed and governed with the highest standards of compliance and security.


With industry partnerships, military-grade security and a proprietary blockchain ecosystem fueling our ambition, we have the foundation we need to create the world's best digital asset exchange.

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